We work with leaders, game changers, and dreamers. We work with people who take on challenges willingly because we’re much the same way. We admire the Aerospace, Space, Defense, and Scientific Research industries for their determination that yields consistent advancements and lasting impact. We hope to continue to work on bold projects that are going to create a more dynamic tomorrow.


DFI has proven that we are experts in the Aerospace sector,
allowing us to become a preferred fabricator in the area. Our welders are continually improving their craft to improve your
next project.

Elevating your project

The next big thing will be created with many smaller parts. With our precision tools and a highly trained team, we know even a small part can be powerful. Our Southern California location gifts us the ongoing prospect of working with innovative companies. We are always putting our ingenuity to the test to turn digital data and designs into a variety of aerospace prototypes, models, and components for our customers. So if you have a piece you need a partner in producing, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Lockheed welding certifications are STP 55-104, 2ZZP00013 – F-35, AWS D17.1, FPS-1095, and MIL-STD-2219. Additional certifications include NAICS Code 336419 and AWS D17.1, D1.1, D1.2.


The unusual environment of space has become our usual. Our
specialization in close tolerance fabrication gives us the ability
to take your idea from prototype onto short-run production, so
you can take it beyond.

Launching into the future

As the future becomes clearer, we see ourselves as a part of it.

Human’s relationship with space is developing rapidly, which
means DFI is adapting too. We are frequently updating our
equipment, knowledge, and methodology so we can ensure your project will transition out of the atmosphere smoothly.
We are proudly an approved supplier for SpaceX, and a tier one supplier for Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop-Grumman.


We know nothing is more paramount than mission assurance. Which is why we have been proudly working alongside the United State Government since 1991.

Solving for evolving landscapes

Technology is advancing fast, and we are excited to be a part of developing it. We are familiar with the unique challenges military equipment faces in the field, which is why we continually test new methodologies and materials to provide effective and durable defense components, parts, and assemblies. We know government work can be demanding, which is why we keep a qualified range of craftspeople and equipment on hand for quick project turn arounds. DFI is ready to take on the ever-changing needs of our nation’s armed forces.

Scientific Research

DFI is here to turn your sketches into success. Our highly trained team will work closely with you to understand your vision and determine how to best execute.

Supporting exploration

At DFI we have immense respect for the pursuit of human advancement and knowledge. The fountain of our industry is in much thanks to out-of-the-box thinkers. Our in-house engineers have extensive experience in Research and Development and can offer you support in enhancing your design so that your product can be completed cost-effectively and above expectations