At DFI we find welding to be an art. It’s an engaging exercise in symbology and a delicate dance of micro-movements. As you can tell, we have a fiery spot for welding, which is why we look forward to taking on projects that put our expert welding skills to use creating dynamic pieces. Here’s what helps us do it:


  • Miller Aerowave 300 Tig D.R.O.
  • Miller Dynasty DX 300 Tig D.R.O.
  • Miller Syncrowave 350 Tig D.R.O.
  • Miller cp-300 Mig
  • Miller 452 Delta Weld Dual Feeder
  • Miller 451 Delta Weld Dual Feeder
  • Lincoln sp 250 Mig D.R.O.
  • Memmert Pre Heat and Post Weld Heat Treat Ovens
  • Argon Titanium Welding Chamber
  • 36 Inch Welding Positioner
  • 14 Inch Welding Positioner
  • Miller Dynasty 350 Tig

FEATURED EQUIPMENT: Miller Dynasty Welding Machine

SMAW and TIG welding capability

Meter Range – = 302

• Digital Wave Conforming