Vacuum Chamber Fabrication

A vacuum chamber is an ‘enclosure’ in which a vacuum is created and takes many physical forms: tee, cross, or elbow; bell jar; sphere; cylinder; box; etc. We manufacture chambers of all sizes and shapes.

Our many years of experience have ensured that we are familiar with vacuum specific applications. We can offer you detailed advice on system specification, fabrication and engineering. We offer full vacuum chamber fabrication of custom, small to large, water cooled, vacuum chambers. We have the expertise to fabricate your custom vacuum chamber on time and at competitive prices.

Titanium Weld Chamber

Requirements: 40ppm of O2, Silver to Straw Colored Welds

Material: 304/316 Stainless

Fabrication Software: Solidworks, TruTops Boost

Fabrication Processes: Press Brake, Welding, Vacuum Testing