Stainless Steel Fabrication by Dynamic Fabrication

stainless steel fabricationAlong with the conveyers, skid assemblies, blower assemblies and the solvent recovery system shown above, Dynamic Fabrication, Inc. (DFI) specializes in providing stainless steel fabrication to the Western United States to a broad spectrum of clients. Among these are the aircraft, construction, entertainment, electronics, environmental, medical, architectural, semi conductor, pharmaceutical and transportation industries.

We are a precision fabrication and machining company specializing in Prototype and Short Production Runs for a variety of industries. We create specialty items from large 20 foot tall weldments – to small precision machined parts.

Dynamic Fabrication, Inc. specializes in stainless steel fabrication, sheet metal, and stainless steel structural fabrication. From light duty pipe and fittings to heavy-duty stainless steel fabrication built to withstand high pressure and temperature, Dynamic Fab will manufacture and deliver custom products for any industry. We are proud to serve our customers as a leader in stainless steel and alloy steel fabrication. Our state of the art facilities allow us to produce the highest quality products that fit the specialized requirements of a variety of industries. We are at the forefront of the light wall stainless steel pipe and fittings and shop fabricated stainless steel piping systems manufacturing industry.

Our manufacturing facility is well suited to stainless steel. Our experienced fabricators have extensive experience in stainless steel fabrication. We have performed jobs for the U.S. Government, major Universities, major corporations, defense contractors, and dozens of other top name companies serving private and public stainless steel projects.

D.F.I. can handle orders with minimum lead-time. We’re confident of our ability to completely produce your products, including the complex parts others walk away from. At the heart of D.F.I. service is our prototype department. Working closely with designers and users, D.F.I.’s expertise can be blended with customer know how to create a economically sound design.This section is under construction