Instructional Welding Video One:

How to Weld an Aluminum Bronze Overlay on a 17-4 Stainless Steel Bar

An aluminum bronze bearing surface can perform satisfactorily for decades even under severe operating conditions. A properly designed and maintained aluminum bronze bearing often outlasts the equipment it serves. Achieving performance requires accurate welding. Bronzes are the most versatile class of bearing materials. They offer a broad range of properties from a wide selection of alloys and compositions.

Properties of Aluminum Bronze Alloy

High strength bronze is obtained by using aluminum as an alloying element. Such bearing surfaces have excellent shock and wear resistance. They retain high strength at high temperatures and are used in equipment operating above 500°F. A major use is in high-impact sliding surfaces in aircraft landing gear.

Because aluminum bronze has poor compatibility, embeddability, and conformability, it is best suited for heavy-duty, low-speed applications with plentiful lubrication. Aluminum bronzes require harder shafts than softer bearing materials.

Creating an Aluminum Bronze Bearing Surface Stainless Steel

  • Step One: Thoroughly clean the part using acetone to remove any dirt, oil, and contamination.
  • Step Two: Pre heat part to 175 degrees to achieve the proper flow of material.
  • Step Three: Use a calibrated thermometer to check temperature prior to welding
  • Step Four: Welding speed is critical. If it is too fast no buildup. If it is too slow the part becomes too hot. Trial and error may be required to achieve the proper welding speed.

Aluminum-Bronze is highly valued for strength and corrosion resistance as compared to other bronze alloys. These alloys are tarnish-resistant. They show low rates of corrosion in atmospheric conditions and low oxidation rates. At high temperatures they show low reactivity with sulfurous compounds and other exhaust products of combustion. They are also resistant to corrosion in seawater.

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