In the photos below you will see piping and manifolds fabricated of carbon steel, stainless steel, hastalloy and inconel. DFI, however, can easily satisfy the need for fabrication and machining in any material and in small or large quantities. Dynamic Fabrication, Inc. (DFI) is a fabrication and manufacturing facility specializing in pipe fabrication, manifold fabrication, and other special pipe fittings. We serve Southern California including Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and most of Southern California. We provide Mil. Spec. welding and precision machining and high-quality, close tolerance fabrication for a variety of industries including the aircraft, construction, entertainment, electronics, environmental, medical, architectural, semi conductor, pharmaceutical and transportation industries, that require precision manufacturing in a variety of jobs and requirements.

What is a manifold? It may be a pipe or header for collection of a fluid from, or the distribution of a fluid to a number of pipes or tubes, or an accessory system of piping to a main piping system that serves to divide a flow into several parts, to combine several flows into one, or to reroute a flow to any one of several possible destinations. Manifolds are designed with adjacent inlet and return flow chambers within a single area and separated by an internal dividing wall. Disposed on the outside of the housing are pipe headers of various types, with the intent that the overall height of the apparatus is constant, independent of the size of the attaching device. The headers communicate with the chambers within the manifold via openings which are disposed at one or the other side of the edge of the dividing wall. The choice of material for use in an individual system needs to be made with the consideration of all requirements for the finished components. Materials used for various pressurized applications must withstand the internal pressure and at the expected temperature of use. These requirements can vary widely. We can assist you in making a material selection for your application.

The pictures shown above display completed manifold assemblies fabricated by DFI. These manifolds you will note were used in a variety of applications and were designed and manufactured to hold up in harsh environments and extended use. Not demonstrated in these pictures is DFI’s devotion to remaining flexible – working with the customer every step of the way to ensure that they get exactly what they need.