Oil and Gas Fabrication Support

Dynamic Fabrication, Inc., specializing in Oil and Gas fabrication, is headquartered in Santa Ana, California. It was founded by Mike Kartsonis in 1981 to serve the oil and gas industry. Since then the company has been fabricating products with impeccable quality, exceptional craftsmanship, top-notch performance and competitive pricing. We appreciate our oil and gas industry clients and look forward to helping you with your fabrication needs!


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In the oil and gas industry, metal equipment is subjected to harsh field conditions. Premature corrosion can hasten deterioration and pose risks both to employees and to valuable raw materials they are working to extract. Oil and gas industry environmental factors compromise metal equipment integrity including:

  1. Exposure to temperature fluctuations
  2. Sunlight
  3. High levels of precipitation.

To protect infrastructure and ensure the safe storage and transport of raw crude and related assets, Dynamic Fabrication can fabricate high-performance metal alloys that are specially treated for your field or in-house application.

Our comprehensive and diversified approach has earned us a solid reputation with a wide range of customers. We perform all metal working operations in house. By delivering a quality product on time we are better prepared to weather the economic storms from year to year. This is important when you are planning your company’s long-term future based upon supplier alliances today.

We support the energy industry by fabricating:

  • Storage tanks and barrels for newly extracted crude
  • Field equipment that is submerged, either in water or in oil wells
  • Pipe networks and manifolds
  • Parts exposed to weather and excessive moisture
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Scaffolding and gantries
  • Industrial dampers, louvers, and sheet metal

To request a no obligation estimate, or discuss your oil, gas, or energy project in detail, contact us today. We offering client focused service at every project phase. We work to accommodate your budget while meeting production deadlines. D.F.I. can handle orders with minimum lead-time. We’re confident of our ability to completely produce your products, including the complex parts and assemblies.