Dynamic Fabrication is a full service contract manufacturer supporting the Oil and Gas Fabrication in Southern California. We provide quick-turnaround manufacturing and metal fabrication to oil companies, drilling companies, oil and gas support industry, oil exploration, and oil production facilities. Quick response enables or customers (petroleum, offshore, oil and gas drilling) to stay in production without interruption. We feature the newest metal working technology and welding. We also work with exotic materials. We specialize in fabricating replacement parts quickly.

In many cases we can fabricate and deliver critical parts with a days, not weeks or months. Call us with you problem and we will deliver your Oil and Gas solution. In the oil and gas industry, metal equipment is subjected to harsh field conditions, which can hasten the corrosion process and pose risks. Dynamic Fabrication is experienced in Oil and Gas fabrication. We incorporate environmental factors that compromise the metal equipment, parts, and tooling. We are well versed in sun exposure, temperature extremes, and high levels of precipitation.

At Dynamic Fabrication, we have been providing Oil, Gas, and Energy industries with specially treated and custom-made metal products for heavy industrial applications for 30 years. Using a complete range of cutting-edge tools for the advanced design and precision manufacturing of industrial sheet metal, we deliver timely and cost-effective solutions that keep your project on schedule. To request an estimate, learn more about custom products, or order treated metal products for your oil and gas project, contact us via email or phone today.