Military And Defense Fabrication Support

Dynamic Fabrication specializes in military metal fabrication of all types. Our certified welding, precision machining, and custom fabrication services have allowed Dynamic Fabrication to support complex and technologically advanced projects for the United States government. We are experienced at military metal fabrication for short-run and prototype work for defense related projects ranging from the deepest oceans, to the most rugged terrain, to outer space. Dynamic Fabrication has been there to provide the needs of the defense and military industry with fabrication services since 1981.


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Dynamic Fabrication holds certifications necessary for military, space, and defense contracting and support including the following: AWS D17.1, D1.1, D1.2, ASME B31.1, and Navsea 278/S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248. Our Lockheed welding certifications include STP 55-104, 2ZZP00013 – F-35, AWS D17.1, FPS-1095, and MIL-STD-2219.

Our certified fabricators and quality management keep us qualified to support even the most demanding government, military, and space projects. Our experienced team of welders, precision machinists, and fabricators are able to improve response time. We realize you need parts and assemblies quickly. This is why Dynamic Fabrication specializes in quick turn-around. We are accustomed to precision fabrication on tight schedules. Here is an urinal we fabricated for the C-130 program.

Whether you need a single defense metal fabrication prototype or a 250 piece short-run order, Dynamic Fabrication has the capacity to assist you. We are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment for defense metal fabrication from Miller Aerowave TIG welders to Power Shear and Pipe Roller, CNC mills and lathes, and CMM 6 axis inspection. Dynamic Fabrication provides fabrication services at one location: precision machining, precision welding, rolling, forming, and press brake forming. We are certified to weld and fabricate in all exotic metals.

Military Aircraft Sheet Metal Panel Shields

From prototype fabrication, through short-run production, our fabrication services have allowed Dynamic Fabrication to excel at fabricating precision defense components, parts, and assemblies. We take pride in keeping you on schedule to meet the constantly changing needs of our nation’s armed forces. We specialize in sheet metal components, brackets, frames, slides, spacers, washers, channels, angle, baffles, rocket, missile, and armor components.