Mike Kartsonis, Founder of Dynamic Fabrication, Inc.

Creating a manufacturing business from the ground up takes hard work, dedication and strong networking skills. Just ask Mike Kartsonis, president and founder of Santa Ana, California based Dynamic Fabrication, lnc. (DFI). With his entrepreneurial spirit and aspirations to become his own boss, Kartsonis built his manufacturing business on the desire to control his own destiny and reap the benefits of his hard work ethic. Kartsonis received a bachelor’s of science degree in business from the University of Northern Colorado in 1977. After relocating to California to escape the snowy Colorado winters, Kartsonis began his career as a commissioned sales representative for a welding manufacturer. Once being placed on a salary, he left the company to pursue his own entrepreneurial endeavor.

This inspiration led to the establishment of DFI in March of 1981, with Kartsonis working 80 to 100 hours per week in all aspects of the business, from welding and selling to truck driving and networking, far from the 30 to 40 hours he put in as a salesman.

But Kartsonis is no stranger to hard work. An Eagle Scout by the age of 14, such qualities were instilled in him at a young age. Kartsonis learned his top-notch customer service, positive outlook on life and strong networking and sales skills while selling books door-to-door during college summers to put him through school. Although he labored, spending 12-hour days knocking on doors for 12 weeks at a time and paying for his room, board, and materials, he enjoyed working as his own boss. Each summer, he discovered that he made more money in a couple weeks than his friends did all summer, which opened his eyes to the windows of financial opportunity in owning his own business.

Kartsonis’ approach to the work environment has also enabled the long-term retention of highly skilled employees, many of which are certified journeymen in welding and machining. His employees have worked for the Santa Ana, California company for years. Kartsonis gives each person equal responsibility and authority allowing them to make their own decisions. After more than 31 years after beginning his entrepreneurial venture, Kartsonis has passed business ownership to Andrew Crook. Mike built a solid client roster of long-time customers, including Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Dynamic Fabrication is a close-knit family of highly skilled employees, and a strong network of industry associates. DFI has built an incredible reputation throughout the business community by actively participating in the industry trade shows, events and organizations.

He has served as the president of the National Tooling and Machining Association (N.T.M.A) of Los Angeles in 1996, and has been a member of NTMA’s board of directors for the past 22 years. Mike has even lobbied on the behalf of the manufacturing industry in Washington D.C.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri Kartsonis was active in coaching youth sports with his kids along with currently doing charity work for several organizations and his church. An Orange County resident, Kartsonis enjoys a variety of sports, the beach, and spending time with family and friends.

Mike Kartsonis, Founder Of Dynamic Fabrication

Watch as Mike, original founder of Dynamic Fabrication, explains his vision of precision machining, certified welding, and custom fabrication capabilities and certifications.