Precision Bending – TRUMPF TruBend 3100

Accurate High Speed Bends

Dynamic Fabrication is pleased to announce the addition of the TRUMPF TruBend Series 3100 press brake to our already impressive array of equipment. The 3100 TruBend back gauges can move across the entire bending length removing any restrictions. Automatic crowning ensures consistent angles. In addition, high axis speeds make this the fastest in its class.

TruBend uses one-of-a-kind software for 3D design and programming of laser, punching, and bending machines. The TruBend 3100 has a press force of 110 tons and bending length of 120 inches. It includes a two-axis back gauge which may be expanded to a four axis back gauge. This makes it possible to position sheet metal securely, even where complex part geometries are involved.

Tonnage: 110
Stroke: 8 1/4 in.
Open Height: 14 / 20 in.
Bend Length: 120 in.
Distance between housings: 133 in.
Max. Stop Range X: 34 in.

Y Axis: 472 ipm
Bend Speed: 35 ipm
X Axis: 1181 ipm
Z Axis: 2362 ipm

Benefits: High part accuracy, high productivity, consistent control.

Short setup-times, highest axis-speed in its class, and fast tool change due to quick clamp and automatic tool clamping systems.

Quality: High axis accuracy ensures high part quality, constant bending angles over the whole bending length thanks to the automatic crowning facility.

For information about using the Trumpf Trubend 3100 on your next project contact Andrew Crook at 714-662-2440, or email