Allsteel 4ft – 60 Ton Power Brake

all steel brake

  • Die rail with groove, die retainer screws, sectional spring open die clamps, hardened clamping bolds and wrench.
  • Sturdy micro-adjustable back gauges, simple and fast setting.
  • Complete overload protection: no jamming or damage caused by bottoming.
  • Foot switch remote control.
  • Off/set/jog/run/single mode selector switch.
  • Push button ram return from any position of stroke.
  • Die rail centering clamp blocks.
  • Die hangers to facilitate turning of heavy multi dies.
  • Extra long ram guides with adjustment screws for back to front and left to right adjustment, increases accuracy and machine life.
  • Hardened and ground ways.
  • Ram guides lined with a nonmetallic oil impregnated material: providing long lasting score proof sliding surfaces.
  • Bed can be easily and accurately tilted from the front of the machine, allowing fade out work (tilting of bed instead of ram eliminates any side loads on ram guides).