Aerospace Fabrication Support

Dynamic Fabrication provides prototype and short-run aerospace fabrication services to aircraft, rocket and satellite manufacturers. We work with their engineering department providing input from manufacturing to produce precision, high quality components, parts and assemblies. We also support defense contractors with tooling, jigs, test fixtures, spare parts, and ground support equipment.

Aerospace Fabrication Services by Dynamic Fab

Dynamic Fabrications fabricates aerospace prototypes, replacement parts, and assemblies. DFI is AS9100 Rev. certified and a leader in Southern California commercial and military aerospace industry. Some of our current customers include: The Boeing Company, Lockheed-Martin, and Northrop Grumman. We are fabrication experts and have innovation experience to turn digital data into a variety of aerospace prototypes, models and components that communicate and validate our customer’s vision. Our knowledge is gained from a insight gained from years of experience supporting a wide range of aerospace industries. We apply strategies and technologies from these industries to provide better solutions for our aerospace projects. Our innovation ensures that our customer succeeds.


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This aerospace combustor assembly developed for a defense contractor. Dynamic Fabrication is certified for aerospace fabrication creating defense rated parts and assemblies. We hold many defense industry welding specifications including STP 55-104, 2ZZP00013 – F-35, AWS D17.1, FPS-1095, and MIL-STD-2219. We have in-house capability to produce anything from machined parts to 30 foot long, 15,000 lb. weldments.

This is a liquid oxygen fuel tank developed for a rocket. Dynamic Fabrication, operating continuously since 1981 in the Southern California area, supports space and defense programs. We provide certified welding, precision machining, and custom fabrication services under one roof. We have an experienced team of certified fabricators and an extensive array of welding, fabrication, and inspection equipment.