Welding Instructional Videos

Dynamic Fabrication has built a reputation for welding exotic metals as well as aluminum and stainless steel. They hold all welding certifications including the stringent Lockheed Welding Certifications. In this section Mike Kartsonis (Owner of Dynamic Fab) shares welding tips he has learned over the years.

Dynamic Fabrication’s Welding Instructional Videos include welding a difficult Aluminum-Bronze overlay on Stainless Steel. In the future we will be adding Welding Instructional Videos on TIG welding, MIG welding, and other exotic metal welding. Dynamic Fabrication believes in helping people in the manufacturing industry by sharing welding knowledge from its journeyman welders. Here is a link to American Welding Society (AWS) YouTube video page that includes a variety of welding instructional videos.

Instructional Welding Video One:

How to Weld an Aluminum Bronze Overlay on a 17-4 Stainless Steel Bar

Instructional Welding Video Two:

How to Weld Titanium in an Argon Gas Environment