Titanium Argon Welding Chamber

Titanium is a reactive metal, meaning it has a strong affinity for oxygen. Titanium reacts with oxygen to form titanium dioxide. This gives titanium its famous corrosion resistance. Titanium is as strong as steel, nearly half its weight, and highly resistant to corrosion. This makes titanium highly desirable for industry, especially defense and aerospace. Titanium welding demands welding in an Argon Gas filled chamber.

Argon Welding Chamber Specifications

  • Diameter: 5 feet
  • Four glove ports
  • Risers for increased working height inside chamber
  • Lazy Susan manual turn table
  • Purge Timer

Titanium has to be very clean from oil, grease, coatings, and oxides before welding takes place. Oil or grease may cause porosity in the titanium weld. Contamination from oil on your fingers, lubricants, cutting fluid, paint, dirt and many other substances also causes embrittlement. When working with titanium follow the three Cs of welding: clean, clean, clean!

How to Weld Titanium in an Argon Gas Environment