Metal Shearing

Cincinnati Hydraulic Shear Up To 12ft Capacity

Dynamic Fabrication offers a range of metal shearing services to our customers. We operate two metal shears with a maximum capacity to shear up to 12 feet long and 1/4 inch thick mild steel plate. Metal shearing is an accurate way to cut sheet metal and plate to size out of a larger stock. Shears are used in preparing stock for stamping processes, or smaller blanks for CNC presses.

Metal Shearing Cincinnati

DFI’s Cincinnati hydraulic shear (shown above) means we can take on major projects with extreme accuracy. Our sheet metal shear includes programmable back gauging to insure precision and accuracy. We are willing to take on the most challenging shearing projects you can send us, big and small, single item and production run. In addition, we offer re-squaring, which allows for much tighter tolerances.

Shearing Carbon, Stainless, And Aluminum Sheet And Plate

Shearing results in an extremely straight cut. Almost any geometrical shape can be achieved as long it is a straight cut. DFI can shear the following metals:

Aluminum (All Alloys)
Aluminum (T1/T2)
Cold Rolled Steel
Galvanized Steel
High Strength, Low Alloy, Steel
Hot Rolled Steel
Steel (All Alloys)

We shear sheet and plate for components used in the fabrication of weldments and assemblies. DFI can also shear flat bar and round bar. Angles can be sheared but only to length. Some items that are sheared include:

Flat Bar
Panel Covers
Square Bar
Structural Supports

Dynamic Fabrication (DFI) provides shearing services to precisely resize aluminum and steel sheet metal. Our services help customers in a variety of industries reach their exact project requirements.

1 – 1/4″ x 12′ Cincinnati Power Shear
1 – 10 Gauge x 5′ Wysong Power Shear
1 – Amada Notcher 1/4″ x 8″ x 8″

amanda notcher metal shearing