Metal Press Brake

Dynamic Fabrication has a variety of metal press brakes, presses, and folding machines to offer metal forming capabilities to our clients. DFI has the capabilities and experience to form cones, transitions, channels, angles and a large variety of other components in a variety of sizes. DFI specializes in complicated press brake formed transitions. We can assist with the design of fittings, formed angles or complicated transitions.

Our precision metal press brake forming services use CNC gauging and multiple forms. Our presses, which are rated from 20 to 330 tons, allow us to work with stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, and exotic metals on forms with a maximum height of 12 inches. On stainless steel and cold-rolled steel, we can handle a maximum stock thickness of .250″. In addition to our press brake forming services, we also offer welding, machining, and fabrication capabilities.

Metal Press Brake

Our four brakes range from 60 to 330 tons, enabling us to produce complicated parts in one piece without splice welding or assembly. Hydraulic and mechanical presses allow fabrication of parts that are up to 14 feet long. Our CNC and forming fabrication are intended for applications that include angles, side frames, rails, and booms. We meet AWS and ISO 9001:2015 industry standards.

1 – Pacific Brake 14′ x 330 Ton with Back Gauge
1 – Cincinnati Brake 10′ x 135 Ton with CNC Back Gauge
1 – Allsteel 4′ – 60 Ton Power Brake
1 – Metalex 4′ x 18″ Gauge Finger Break

Cincinnati Metal Press Brake

all steel brake