Laser Cutting in Santa Ana, CA

Dynamic Fabrication’s laser cutting in Santa Ana, CA, produces precise angles, corners, and rounds of any radius. We are equipped to laser cut jobs of any size and volume. Laser cutting produces a highly finished edge by firing a high-powered beam of light at the material as the cut is made.

Laser Cutting in Santa Ana, CA

Dynamic Fabrication has one of the largest specialty laser cutting tables in Southern California. With our 60″ x 120″ laser cutting system, we are able to handle custom designs of high production, short-run, or prototype. Our facility has state-of-the-art computer systems operated by highly trained and certified staff. With support from our in-house engineers, Dynamic Fab will turn your drawings into finely cut products. Contact us today!

Laser Cutting Size Capability

The laser capacity is 60″ x 120″. We believe TRUMPF TruLaser achieves the best possible results in sheet metal processing.

Laser Cutting Thickness Capability

  • Mild Steel – 1.00 in
  • Stainless Steel – .787 in
  • Inconel, HastX, Titanium – .787 in
  • Aluminum – .787 in
  • Copper – .314 in
  • Brass – .314 in

Benefits Of Laser Cutting

  • Easily nest irregular shapes without the need for costly tooling
  • Nest jobs with like material for an efficient cutting process
  • Achieve maximum production uptime with machinery automation
  • Minimizes secondary cleanup for most materials
  • Obtain high accuracy and repeat precise shapes
  • Minimal distortion on parts due to a small heat-affected zone
  • Intricate part cutting
  • Narrow kerf widths
  • Very high repeatability due to the accuracy of our TRUMPF TruLaser 2030
  • Cutting rates far exceed that of conventional/ standard sawing equipment (up to 30 times faster)

Our laser cutting service is perfect when speed and accuracy are a must. Whether your design is a prototype, short-run, or full-scale production, we guarantee a quick turn-around. With our precision TRUMPF TruLaser 2030, we will expertly cut your pieces with superior edge quality, virtually eliminating any grinding and cleanup. All you have to do is draw your design on a computer, and you can have a completely custom part delivered as quickly as the next day! If your product needs fabrication, here is our full equipment list.