Dynamic Fabrication specializes in hopper fabrication using sheet metal and plate. We fabricate custom stainless steel hoppers for the pharmaceutical industry as well as a variety of other industries. We are a full hopper fabrication service. We specialize in custom prototypes and short production runs. We are known for quick turn-around. Our hopper fabrication facility is located in Southern California. We offer a wide range of metal fabrication services from machining, to precision sheet metal, to heavy metal plate up to one half inch thick.

Hopper Fabrication by Dynamic Fabrication

hopper fabrication by Dynamic Fabrication

Our sheet metal fabricators, welders, and skillful craftsmen provide the highest quality custom metal products. For example a customer in the food production industry contracted us to fabricate a cone hopper for one of their food production facilities. This hopper required sawing and shearing of 304 stainless steel sheet and pipe. Some components required custom machining. We fabricated everything in-house including all welding required to assemble this 16’ high, 72” wide cone. Various surfaces required a 2-B polished finish which was also completed in-house. If you have a similar hopper design please contact us to help with your requirements.

Serving as an example of our hopper fabrication capabilities, the industries hoppers displayed above were fabricated by Dynamic Fabrication for the food industry. Meeting tolerances down to 1/16 of an inch. We used a combination of plasma cutting, saw cutting, rolling, welding, and drilling technology to manufacture different hopper configurations from carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Our hopper fabrication processes include drilling, plasma cutting, welding, fastener installation, and rigging. We fabricate everything in-house including drilling, cutting, welding, and pre-assembly of industrial hopper panels. Advanced machinery includes automated CNC machining and MIG welding equipment.

If you are interested in short-run or prototype metal hoppers be sure to call Mike at 714-662-2440.